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Andrew Breitbart's Points

As I write this intro, I've 25 minutes to shower and get out the door to Crawford, TX, of all places, Updated: MacGregor, TX for a family wedding, with the reception at the Crawford, TX Community Center (located in a beautiful grove of trees, near a lovely park which has a creek with bluffs and a waterfall).

The following transcript is rushed. I did not include all ellipses. I cleaned up some language. Yet, the transcript is an absolutely accurate recount of Andrew Breitbart's points (which points were consistently interrupted by the super irritating, UNCOMPREHENDING, narcissist interrupter Michael Savage).

Andrew Breitbart:
"Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe were far braver than I ever would be. I never would have endeavored with their creativity, and their conviction, and now that I know them: their purity of heart and their love for this country is represented in this video extravaganza that is not over yet. We are juking [ACORN]. We are playing them every step of the way. [ACORN CEO] Wade Rathke was an Alinskyite [a devotee of Saul Alinsky], and we are using the tactics of Alinsky against the left here.
Both Hannah, age 20, and James, age 25, are voracious readers on Saul Alinsky; have read far more than just 'Rules For Radicals'. They have realized that Barack Obama, and the far left - including Hillary Clinton, who did her 93 page these at Wellesley - are all students of Saul Alinsky.
Alinsky's tactics have been to isolate your political enemy [away from his natural supporters and support structure], and attack them, and keep them on their heels. And conservatives in this country have not figured it out until 2009. It's a CRIME that we haven't figured out until now that this is what they've been doing to us. It's amazing that the established conservative movement has allowed the left to isolate conservative voices, and has not fought back. Conservatives have been playing by traditional beltway rules. They're all dressed in their blue blazers, with their red ties and their American flags, and they're letting people go out there and have to take risks - like Hannah and James do, or like other people who take risks and end up being isolated and called every name in the book - they have lies thrown at them.
The Maryland DA is trying to thwart Hannah' and James' growing investigation into how ACORN works, and how it would not merely aid and abet an El Salvadorian underage prostitution ring, but how, underneath that [ACORN] salaciousness and ridiculousness, [ACORN] were very competent individuals at: aiding and abetting criminal activity as a means to allow the lower class to rig the system for their benefit. And that is the underlying story that nobody is talking about."

"When James and Hannah came to me, and showed me these videos, I realized that - if we handed this story to the MSM - the MSM would bury it. And if James and Hannah were to put it on YouTube, YouTube would have immediately taken it down, and the lawyers would have overwhelmed these penniless artists/journalists. And so, when they found me - and I'm not that religious of a person - I must say I felt there was Divine Intervention, because my greatest strength is understanding the MSM, and how it works. And we devised a strategy to force the MSM - and, quite frankly, to SHAME THEM - into covering this story. It was obvious that we needed to put the media in check here, and to not feed them any information that could then go back to the ACORN people and to political operatives that would then wage a campaign to destroy the messenger.

At the end of this, we're going to put up James and Hannah's receipts - including Subway Sandwich receipts. This entire thing cost about $1300.

ACORN is throwing out a lot of accusations [against James and Hannah] that the MSM is willing to trumpet; willing to threaten them with lawsuits and to come down hard on them. Every time an accusation comes out, the next day [James and Hannah's work] is proved to be true, when we issue a new video.

We are going to be relentless in showing you what these people [ACORN] are about. We are going to report to you what their own manual says. People are coming out of the woodwork - because they are fearful. The left's tactics of causing the whistleblowers to know that they're going to be attacked by ABC, CBS, and NBC and the CNNs of the world: we created a means by which we can isolate those [television] networks, and put THEM under scrutiny. They're the ones. The American people are seeing that it took till Tuesday night - four days into the scandal - before we saw Katie Couric weigh in. Ultimately, the nail in ACORN's coffin was when Jon Stewart - the ultimate liberal apologist - put his head into his hands, and just could not make a joke that made Hannah and James out to be the bad guys. Last night, Jay Leno did the same thing. They [the left? ACORN?] continue and try to demonize these two people. But the American people - probably at about an 80% clip - look at them [Hannah and James] as American heroes. And if you knew these people: if you knew how decent they were, and how fresh faced they were (interrupted by the narcissist interrupter Savage)."

"Community organizing is the infrastructure of the left.

Van Jones was a community organizer. He took advantage of the underclass via getting them to think the white man was after them; he used Mumia Abu Jamal conspiracy theories to manipulate black people into staying on the dole. And that's what these people do.

Community organizers prey on the inner city. We're starting to see, in the Hannah and James videos, how it's done. You start to analyze ACORN, and you see they're not only being fed by major left wing foundations like the Tides Foundation, they're being funded by unions. We're also finding them doing Jesse Jackson type shakedowns on corporations such as Bank of America and Citigroup.

Nobody in MSM has been willing to connect the dots to show that this is how these people are kept subverted by the system: they're told that they're victims, and they're taught how the system can be rigged to their benefit. It's an Al Capone criminal racket.

SEIU is a bully. ACORN is a bully. They go to big companies and they thug them into giving them money. And right now, when the bully is running around the playground poking people in the eyes: ultimately, it takes one person, like Hannah and James, to knock them in the nose. And look at how quickly they crumbled. I believe the American people are going to start to derive confidence from the fact that the emperor has no clothes. The MSM can no longer protect [ACORN and SEIU], and we're [] going to continue to go after them relentlessly."

"I can promise you that there are more videos to come. And I also promise a blockbuster next week, that will come from left field."

"What's fantastic about this story, in the most perverse way, is that we now start to understand [the strategy of certain powerful leftists]. I'm so sick of being called a racist. I'm not a racist. The majority of Americans aren't racists. We are now seeing that the Barney Franks of the world have been preying on these people forever. People are starting to see that they rigged the system in order to figure out: how can we get people who can't afford homes to get homes? Obviously, they were going to go into foreclosures - that's exactly what happens. And you see, at this [ACORN] office, how these [ACORN] people facilitated those loans: don't worry, don't report this, you can do this, you can do that, you can break the law, it doesn't matter, because at the end of the day, the people at ACORN - at the highest levels ~ Wade Rathke, and Saul Alinsky ~ were radicals that figured out the best way to revolutionize the system was to go right through the front door and start the revolution by destroying the country from within. They've been exposed."

The full Andrew Breibart audio interview, on YouTube:

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