Thursday, September 24, 2009

How handsome?

are my cousin, Chelsea, and her husband, Brandon? Very.

I got to hang out with them Friday night over BBQ.

We raise handsome women in my family. And a lot of them. And those women get married and breed. Happily, for the future of America, my numerous beautiful cousins do not raise wimpy children. America will be okay.

Anyway, talk of handsomeness and children is merely an excuse to show this father-son bonding photo of Brandon and of their youngest son, Hunter.

Look at Hunter: he's soaking in how it's done, and he's doing some soaking of his own. Paging Norman Rockwell. The only problem w/this lesson: next time Hunter has to go in the woods: lack of a tire = bewilderment.


Webutante said...

Too, er, cute! Just copied it and sent it to my son in NYC. They're going to have to practice this somewhere besides Central Park or they'll both be in jail. HA!

gcotharn said...

I see this as a good excuse to get your son and grandson west of the Hudson River. Every man yearns to be free!