Monday, September 21, 2009

What the United States is doing to the Honduran people is a damnable and barely believable miscarriage of justice

Why is the United States insisting that Honduras violate it's own constitution via reinstating Manuel Zelaya as President? The most likely reason:

Barack is trying to make a statement that the United States will support political liberals/leftists/progressives; will not allow a political liberal/leftist/progressive to be unceremoniously dumped on his derriere in Costa Rica. It matters not that Zelaya could only hold office for another 7 weeks or so 13 weeks, nor that Honduran Presidents are barred from running for re-election. Barack is making a statement to the world: the United States supports leftist politics.

To Barack, it's not a big deal that the Honduran Constitution must be defied in order for Barack's statement to be made. To Barack, laws are made to be broken, bent, twisted. He could cite thousands of examples. To Barack, Hondurans must be sophisticated enough to recognize when it is proper to break/bend/twist their constitution.

To Barack, the mediated coming together is more important than the law. The law is not even really the law. Rather, the law is merely opinion. Worse, the law only divides us into law followers vs law breakers. We must come together. The figment of imagination which is objective law is in the way; is an obstacle to the important mediated coming together; is an obstacle to the important support for leftist politics. The time for discussion is over. The time for coming together in support of leftist politics is here.

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