Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cactus Cuties: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Dear Liberals,
Go ahead and worship Obama in your schools. I know how to drive you crazy: God is in Texas schools, as celebrated in this video by the Lubbock ISD. And hair bows. God and hair bows.

Texas: sometimes we know we're rubbing liberals' noses in it, and sometimes we don't know. But, either way, we're rubbing liberals' noses in it!

h/t @FlyingPatriot

Bonus: Cactus Cuties, aka "the YouTube and internet phenomenon from Lubbock", perform the National Anthem at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium. Note the crowd gets into it, and cheers their hitting of the proper notes on "rockets red glare" and "land of the free":

It takes guts to interject the word "subtle" into this blogpost. Yet, here's the subtle thing to notice: two Romo jerseys, a Barber jersey, and a Jason Witten #82 jersey. We conclude: the Witten girl could have chosen a Romo jersey, yet selected a Witten jersey. What hairbanded, curling ironed girl of this age would willingly celebrate a Tight End? A Texas girl, that's who! If one of those girls had worn a DeMarcus Ware jersey, I'd be joining the official Cuties Fan Club.


Anonymous said...

I am without words. God bless these young ladies!

Anonymous said...

That was a really mean comment by you gcotharn, you know nothing about her. Her name happens to be Andi Kitten, her last name is similar to Witten so she chose it. She was only 12 years old for god sake. Hairbrained? She is a straight A student and also probably works more in one week on her carrier than you do in a month. She is a sweet girl who is super patriotic. I sure hope she does not read your stupid comment, it would hurt her really bad. I can't believe that someone can be so mean and hurtful to a 12 year old girl!
You owe her a huge apology!

gcotharn said...

If you'll look again at my comment, I said "hairbanded", not "hairbrained". My comments were a compliment to a girl who was shrewd enough to choose a TE's jersey, as opposed to making the obvious choice of a QB's jersey.

Thanks for the info about Ms. Kitten's name. I'm a fan of these girls, so it's fun to know such tidbits of info.

Merry Christmas, and best luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry!!!!!
I jumped to conclusions. I didn't read close enough. I was just upset thinking someone was bashing my cuties. Please forgive me. I truly am sorry. You have a great Blog! I am very Conservative also, that is how I found your blog. Thanks for correcting me, I feel much better now.

gcotharn said...

Heh. No problem. I'll do way worse than that, and lots of times, before I die. I hope.

Ursula said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! What an inspiration to all those that might have lost their way. I hope to hear more of you nation wide.