Monday, September 28, 2009

Cousin Tate at the P.A. Watson Cabin

From Saturday: Cousin Tate sits on the steps at my Great-Great-Grandfather's cabin in Arlington, TX. Click the photo and study Tate's expression. Is it serene? Impassive? Pensive? He's a Tate Mona Lisa, clinging to a truck bulldozer!

In background, my Mom - in a green top - speaks to one of the pioneer ladies from the Arlington Historic Society. Members of my family occupied this cabin from 1857 until 1961. On the north Texas prairie, in the 19th Century, the breezeway between the connected structures, and the porch, marked this as a comfortably appointed cabin. Texas Historical Marker Number 3901:
After his wife Margaret Ann (Armstrong) died, Patrick Alfred Watson (1810-1894) built this dwelling in 1855 near present Arlington for their six children. In 1858 he married Margaret's niece Mary Jane Donaldson and they had six children. A surveyor, educator, and religious leader, Watson gave land for the P.A. Watson Community Cemetery and for the original site of a church and school building. The congregation is now West Fork United Presbyterian Church in Grand Prairie. The house was enlarged and Watson family descendants occupied it until 1961. It was moved here in 1976.
We are descended from P.A. Watson's union with Mary Jane Donaldson. I can remember, as a child, in the late 1960s, going to Thanksgiving celebrations at the family farm. It was located just north and across I-30 from Six Flags Over Texas. U.S. Hwy 360, running north/south along the Arlington/Grand Prairie border to DFW Airport, was originally Watson Road. The access road is still Watson Road.

A Watson daughter married a Copeland: the two became my Great-Grandparents. Copeland Road runs east/west, and is wedged between I-30 and Six Flags.

*Three of Emjay's children; four of her grandchildren; two of her great-grandchildren: photo
*My brothers and I are listed near the bottom right of this family tree at the cabin. Emjay is above us and to the left: "June Goodson." "Special K", a sometime commenter here (apparently, my family are big on anonymity - at least as it relates to being associated with this blog!) = June's daughter Kathy.
*Thanks to Cousin Jenny for the photos
*Photo of Cabin
*Info and more photos


Webutante said...
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Webutante said...

Precious pic of Tate, in what I call the step of the dog trot.

My mother's maiden name is Copeland and it's my middle name. Shall I now refer to you as "cuz?'

gcotharn said...

Well. Cousin Jane!

It makes sense, as
1. You fit into the the numerous beautiful cousins demographic
2. Many visitors to this blog are relatives, which explains your unconsciously being drawn to visit
3. you have a web identity/moniker - yet another family trait

So, when you come to town, I'll get some cousins together and we'll have greens.

Webutante said...

FYI, I never met a pot of greens I didn't like, so get the kettle out and start a-cookin, when they're done, I'm there, Cousin Greg!