Monday, October 05, 2009

Because Tilda Swinton said so?

Good writing, from Stephen Green:
Here’s a (very) partial list of the celebrities demanding that Roman Polanski be released:
Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Pedro Almodovar, Tilda Swinton and Monica Bellucci.
What does this group have in common? Well, they’re all very talented. And also batshit crazy. There’s not one person on this list you would trust your child with. [...] Do any of the others seem to have a solid enough connection to reality to keep your kid safe and not somehow set him on fire?
My guess is, that general weirdness is so common among entertainment-types, that it’s easy to overlook a little rape now and then. We see what these folks get away with in broad daylight — what could they possibly be doing when the shades are drawn? And so Whoopi sees Polanski in handcuffs and at some level might think, “There but for the grace of God go I.” And you can probably trace a straight line from Whoopi all the way down through the D-list.

All the above is, of course, pure speculation. But I have a little more of it for you before I set this topic aside — hopefully never to bring it up again.

America was willing to forgive Hollywood’s obscene salaries, comically high divorce rate, the sexual escapades, and all the rest. After all, here in the heartland, we wouldn’t mind having tons more money and sex. Hollywood, like the movie screen, shines with our own desires, embiggened.

But child rape? There’s a line there even hardened criminals won’t cross — and we’re supposed to forgive and forget?

Because Tilda Effing Swinton said so? And who is she again?

Green is onto something: some Hollywoods don't want to make a moral judgment, b/c then they are open to being judged. They prefer: There is no truth, there is only opinion. What right have we to judge the way others live their lives? They are, of course, hypocrites who pass judgments on others in 9000 ways. But they don't see that. What they see, what they tightly embrace, is their rationalization for getting their way, their mantra: There is no truth, there is only opinion. What right have we to judge the way others live their lives? This rationalization is what the Polanski reaction highlights. Some Hollywoods WILL NOT draw a moral line in the sand, even at the rape-rape of a teen.

And it was rape-rape. Roman Polanski drugged a 13 year old girl, used physical force while the incapacitated girl said "No", and raped AND sodomized her. But, hey, what right have we to judge?

And Stephen Green is correct about hardened criminals. In a penitentiary, one thing you especially don't want to be is a child molester. Your peers will have no mercy on you. Even convicts draw that line in the sand, and definitively. Some Hollywoods will not.


Webutante said...

Have to admit that aside from feeling disgust at the Hollywood grandees defending Polasnski with their amoral relativism, Tilda Swinson is the least attractive female on the planet in my opinion. She leaves me cold, cold, cold in more ways than one.

gcotharn said...

LOL. I actually had to look her photo up. I've seen her, but did not know the name of the actress I was seeing, until now. When I titled this "Because Tilda Swinton said so?", I was serious: Tilda Swinton? Who dat?