Friday, October 02, 2009

Winged "Solve the Problem"

I made this poster! At this website:

"I'm not interested in victory. I want to solve the problem."
--President Barack Obama, Sept. 2009
I made this poster merely to learn how to make posters at the web site. I threw it together in 1 minute flat, with hardly a thought, from a photo stored in my picture files.

However, in retrospect, the message of the poster has value. The work of art: "Winged Victory of Samothrace", speaks to the human soul; speaks to our longing for communion with the Supernatural.

Freedom, also, speaks to the human soul. Barack Obama, and many on the worldwide left, do not get that. They think humans want food and shelter. We also want to feed our souls.

This is why Barack, and many on the worldwide left, do not understand the Iranian revolution. Barack thinks: Iranians have many freedoms. Why do they make such a fuss about acquiring a few more freedoms? Barack doesn't get the human craving to feed the soul.

This is why Barack, and many on the worldwide left, continue to believe socialism, and even communism, is a viable model. Barack doesn't get that socialism and communism make little or no room for the desires of the human soul.

So, I'm liking the poster more and more. "Victory" denotes a higher victory which cannot be fully described; can only be experienced in fleeting glimpses. "Solve the problem" denies the soul; denies the craving of the soul for Supernatural communion. The contrast is striking.


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huxley said...

Great work!

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