Saturday, October 03, 2009

THIS is the way to communicate


An EVEN BETTER way to communicate: Tracy Walsh tells her health care story, and contrasts her care and her healthcare options with those of her Canadian relatives. Tracy's genuineness is compelling. I don't know her, but I know her: I know a thousand women like her.

Something else: contrast Tracy Walsh with the stories President Obama tells in his speeches - stories which, upon investigation in the blogosphere, almost invariably turn out to have been apocryphal. In short: President Obama, again and again and again, has lied to us; has again and again and again referenced individual instances of alleged healthcare hardship which did not happen and were lies. In "town hall" meetings, even some of the persons whom President Obama has called upon to tell their stories have turned out to be liars.

Given that some Americans surely have had difficulties negotiating the American healthcare system: how sloppy and how cynical does the Obama Administration have to be to consistently present the American public with lies? Can't they at least do due diligence to discover Americans who have ACTUALLY had difficulties? Further, if the Obama Administration is this sloppy and this cynical in these instances, what ELSE is the Obama Administration sloppy and cynical about?


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