Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My niece the irresistible

A few years ago, a friend saw my niece - Bruce's and Lisa's daughter, Courtney - and said: "WOW, is that your NIECE?! She looks GREAT!"

Until my friend said that, I had certainly noticed my niece was lovely, yet had never fully considered her man-attracting qualifications. So, I exhaled a deep sigh - because, for me, this was kind of a sad moment - and turned back to my niece, and took a new look at her: yep, she had 5'6" of everything a man would be interested in. Oh well, life moves forward. The girl who used to be my little niece was now entering the irresistible zone, i.e. the zone of female life cycle which is designed by God to ensure regeneration of the species. Here's Courtney, having walked from a restaurant to have a couple of quick photos snapped on the beach:

Courtney Cotharn: Supernaturally designed to be irresistible to men

Some weeks ago, Courtney's friend Lee Ann called and said Wrangler was filming a commercial in Baton Rouge, and Courtney should go down there. Courtney went, and found well over 500 girls had assembled. Wrangler selected 10, including Courtney. They put her in a Cowboy hat. She is 3rd girl from the right in this poster:

And they made her the fan girl star of a Wrangler commercial which is playing on CMT (Country Music Television), and also in Cavender's Boot City stores. video link Courtney only appears for two flashing instants, but they do set up the lighting so your eye is drawn to her. First, after the singer jumps down onto the stage, Wrangler flashes a jump cut image of Courtney, in her hat, cheering beatifically upwards. At the very end of the commercial, Wrangler makes Courtney the last fan girl you see. Courtney got $100 and 3 2 pair of Wranglers. Score!

Separately, a week ago, Bruce and Baron and Courtney were visiting family in Arizona, and drove to Las Vegas for a day. The kids went to see magician Criss Angel. Courtney was selected from the audience to go onstage. Criss Angel gave her a stuffed animal, and a kiss, and then disappeared in front of her. Cool. All in a day's work for a girl in the irresistible zone.


Webutante said...

Indeed a true beauty and darling young woman. It's up to you and the good older men in her life to encourage her to hold herself dear and not give away her prizes quickly or easily. Also encourage her in the fine arts of being discreet. Far too many women today believe their womanly experiences and desires need to be plastered on the Web and for anywhere there's public consumption.

She is forotunate to have you as a wise uncle.

gcotharn said...

I'm still studying that grace and discretion thing myself. Maybe Courtney can learn from my mistakes!

Webutante said...

We all make mistakes in those departments, don't we? Still they're worthy qualities to aim for.