Friday, October 09, 2009

I know why President Obama won the Nobel Prize

Instapundit reader: “Let’s be fair . . . he did pull off the Beer Summit.”


First, I'm going to describe the reaction which is not my reaction, yet is the reaction of much of the world:
Wha? Barack Obama wins the Nobel Prize? ?!? Bewildering. Up is down. Sky is ground. Black is white. Light is dark. Cats and dogs playing together. Reality is bent. Truth no longer exists.
That reaction is premised on the Nobel Prize being something of legitimacy and value. The premise is invalid, as shown by the Nobel Prize awarded to Jimmy Carter for - and a member of the Nobel Committee admitted this publicly - criticizing U.S. President George W. Bush. Therefore, since I previously had only laughable disdain for the Nobel Committee, my reaction is:
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (head into hands, shoulders heaving with laughter) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (gasping for air) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (tears of laughter beginning to form) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (reaching for Kleenex to wipe tears, gasping for breath) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (gasping for breath) omg! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I've got to calm down ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh! Stop it! Stop it! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (etc)
Just writing that brought on a new round of laughter which threatened break out into uncontrollability.

But, I have a theory - which, maybe, will not be written anywhere else in the blogosphere:

This award demonstrates that the Nobel Committee recognizes both President Obama’s fundamental weakness and President Obama’s fundamental narcissism. This award is bestowed in an attempt to flatter President Obama; in an attempt to influence his future actions in directions of which the Nobel Committee approves. It will work. President Obama is just that weak. President Obama is just that narcissistic. Even the Jerry Lewises on the Nobel Prize Committee can see it.



Take it away, 2008 Bill Clinton:
Obama's claims about his accomplishments and his political past, and "the sanitizing coverage of the media": "is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen".

Take it away, Rush Limbaugh (whose thinking parallels my own):
"The Nobel gang just suicide-bombed themselves. [...] They love a weakened, neutered U.S. and this is their way of promoting that concept."

Take it away, Balfegor:
This just reinforces my ongoing impression that we've been living out a satire for the past year or two. We elected a callow nobody as President on the strength of a few vacuous speeches. The healthcare debate -- driving trillions of dollars in anticipated future expenditures -- got turned around by comments someone scrawled on Facebook, and now the Nobel Peace Prize committee has decided to award prizes for good intentions. It's like no one's even serious about anything anymore. None of it matters. It's the Society of the Spectacle.
What Balfegor is closing on understanding: this is what happens when truth is opinion; when intellectual discrimination is castigated as evil "judgment"; when society will not step up and say: this is good, this is bad, this is right, this is wrong. Many in our society will not even step up and say the forcible rape of a 13 year old girl is wrong; will slink in fear of publishing cartoons; will not even step up and condemn Arab terrorists who shot thousands of rockets into Israel from Gaza. Balfegor says: "It's like no one's even serious about anything anymore." That's exactly correct, because our societal principles and standards are fading into mist. Continual assault has weakened them; has cowed the less brave and less hardy amongst us. When principles and standards and moral courage are weakened, what are we left with? "The Society of the Spectacle." Exactly so.


Dusty Chris said...

Amen. Great post. My reaction was more like "Wha...huh...he got what?...Our president...huh..for wha? the world as stupid as the people who wanted change and voted for POTUS....huh?

I wish I could have laughed but I was too bust scratching my head and going about my life hoping that I might win a Nobel prize for "The best skirt steak ever cooked...period"... or maybe I can get one of those peace prizes myself for refereeing the arguments between my sons.

gcotharn said...

Keep refereeing those arguments. My dad used to punish us equally, even when my brother was CLEARLY in the wrong! At age 7, I was so frustrated by this that I ran away from home, and continued on the lam for about an hour and a half, before being recaptured. So, anyway, I appreciate sincere effort at refereeing!