Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Hot: Sweet Patti Ann Browne

The moniker reminds of:

In "The Big Sleep", which I watched two nights ago, every actress was early to mid 20ish, or maybe actually aged 19 or 20. Therefore, and this is not the fault of the actresses, but: taken as a group, they were a bit boring. A young actress can spice a movie, yet spice is not a main course. I was wishing for one fully mature (read: fully interesting) woman to appear in that movie.

Below, the fully interesting Patti offers fluffy and lightly profanegue meringue. Fine with me, as I'm down with whatever the Notorious PAB offers.


BZ said...

Remember, in the era of "The Big Sleep", 20-something year olds were fully functioning adults, unlike today.

gcotharn said...

Good point. Thanks for visiting.