Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bowl Games

I would LOVE to see TCU and Boise State each take on some big conference teams in bowl games. Both Boise State and TCU (TCU 17-OU 10 in Norman in 2005) have in recent years defeated OU. Either Boise State or TCU would make an intriguing matchup against Ol Miss in the Cotton Bowl(TCU beat Cotton Bowl entry Texas Tech in 2006: TCU 12-Texas Tech 3 in Fort Worth), or against either of Georgia or Mich State in the Citrus Bowl, or against either of Clemson or Nebraska in the Gator Bowl. You get the idea. I would actually LOVE to see either TCU or Boise State take on USC in a bowl game. It's possible USC sucks. I would like to see them brought down a peg.

Instead, TCU plays against Boise State in the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. A nice destination for both teams. The game features a spectacular Boise State offense against an elite and fast TCU defense. Still, a disappointment.

I don't blame schools like Wisconsin or Georgia Tech or Kansas or Iowa for running like #$%@ away from TCU and Boise State. It is only smart of those big conference schools to do so. Still, it's a disappointment. Boise State and TCU are the best of the small conference schools. Utah plays Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Cincinnati plays Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Boise State and TCU are absolutely better than either of Utah or Cincinnati. Although no small conference school beats Alabama this season, I suspect Virginia Tech doesn't get out of the Orange Bowl alive if either Boise State or TCU were it's opponent. And a bunch of other school listed above also don't get out alive if Boise State or TCU were their opponents. Basically, you've got a bunch of big conference schools going "whew."


OU is in the championship game due to strength of non-conference schedule. OU played TCU(currently ranked #11) and Cincinnati(currently ranked #12). Texas played Arkansas, which ended the season unranked with a 5-7 record. Texas other opponents were Fla Atlantic, UTEP and Rice. TCU and Cincinnati put OU in the championship game. Texas played it safe, got burned, and deserved to get burned.

Texas is in mourning b/c they lost to TT when 1) their frosh safety dropped an easy interception with 15 seconds or so remaining, then 2) their other frosh safety took a horrifying angle on Michael Crabtree's winning pass reception. Each freshmen safety made a horrible play in the final 15 seconds of the game. Video Gut wrenching - especially as Texas was so close to defeating their fourth consecutive opponent ranked in the Top 10. And yet, and yet: Texas has only themselves to blame. They knew how the BCS worked when they formulated their nonconference schedule.

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