Sunday, December 07, 2008

Julianne Hough has booty

I rarely watch Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, or various music awards shows, and am therefore slow to learn about some popular culture happenings. I now read the budding American "It Girl" is Julianne Hough, and of this I completely approve. What's not to like about a smart, talented, 20 year old Mormon virgin who has booty? There's everything to like. I am sick of Disney stars who are not so smart, not so talented, and not so virginal. I am sick of Hollywood and magazines idealizing popsicle stick actresses who have no booty.

Julianne Hough was trained in London, and has won dance championships. Here she dances with her brother, and they are great.

What happens when Dancing With the Stars pairs an 18 year old Mormon virgin with Olympic Champion Apolo Anton Ohno? This:

Risque' Barbie does Dancing With the Stars also happens:

Hough grew up one of five children from an LDS (Mormon) family in Salt Lake City. Her brother Derek Hough is also a professional dancer. She has three sisters named Sharee, Marabeth, and Katherine. All four of her grandparents were dancers, and her parents met while on a ballroom dancing team in college in Idaho.

Her formal training began at the Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, Utah, where she danced with Josh Murillo, among others, in Latin Ballroom; she began dancing competitively at nine. Her parents sent her and her brother to London for a year later to live and study with their coaches, Corky and Shirley Ballas, and to spare them the strife of divorce. The Ballas' helped tutor the two Hough children alongside their own son, Mark, while schooling them at the Italia Conti Academy. They received training in song, theatre, gymnastics and many forms of dance, including jazz, ballet, and tap. The three children formed their own pop music trio 2B1G ("2 Boys, 1 Girl") when Julianne was twelve, performed at dance competitions in the U.K. and the U.S., and showcased in a UK television show. At fifteen, Julianne Hough became the youngest dancer, and only American, to win both Junior World Latin Champion and International Latin Youth Champion at the Blackpool Dance Festival.

After five years in London, Hough returned to the U.S., first living with her mother for a year and attending Las Vegas Academy then returning to Utah to live with her father and graduating from Alta High. She then moved on her own to Los Angeles to begin her career.
On August 25, 2008, the cast of Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 7) was announced, and Hough was partnered with Hannah Montana actor Cody Linley.[10] She was feeling stomach pains during her jitterbug performance and was immediately rushed to a hospital following the encore performance of her jitterbug with Cody. She subsequently had surgery to have her appendix removed on October 28
She danced THROUGH a budding appendicitis attack. You gotta love that. Marketing opportunity for Mattel: Appendicitis Barbie.


This reminds of the seeming purpose for inventing You Tube: to allow an entire nation to sing and dance into their webcams. Awesomeee!

Christine Gambito almost got selected as Apolo's dance partner.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot if you believe Julianne Hough is a virgin. LMAO!! That's about as true as Britney Spears saying she was a virgin when she dated Justin Timberlake, but people believed that crap too until Justin laughed about it years later. Julianne backpedaled on the virgin comments as soon as she started gushing about how in love she is with Chuck Wicks at every opportunity, who is 9 years older than her. She said the magazine "twisted her words" the same phrase she says every time something doesn't go her way.

Julianne's a wonderful dancer but she is also a ruthless showbusiness person who is only out for herself. She has now broken up two people's engagements (both of which had been with their fiances 4 years) In addition, she broke off her own engagement (which she stupidly had at only 18 years old) then got back with guy, then very publicly dumped him again and started kissing Chuck Wicks on tv every night. She will do absolutely anything for attention and has now become the new Jessica Simpson - famous for being in tabloids and her relationships instead of her talent or career. Julianne has lost most of the respect of the people that once loved her.

gcotharn said...

Thanks for the hot sports opinions.

How about Self-proclaimed backtracking virgin?

Might this be an Anonymous-approved way of referring to her?

I wonder: is it so bad to break off and break up wedding engagements? The vows say "what God has joined together, let no man put asunder". The Bible does not say: "what is scheduled for next June, let no man put asunder".

Anonymous said...

lmao. good one. lol

gcotharn said...