Monday, December 08, 2008

O Happy Day: Joseph Cao defeats William Jefferson The Corrupt

Despite William Jefferson The Corrupt receiving solid support from unions, the Democratic Party, and Dem PACs: Vietnamese immigrant Cao defeats the black incumbent U.S. Representative in a heavily gerrymandered New Orleans district of black voters. Unheard of. That district was gerrymandered to make such a happening impossible.

Cao's story is compelling. He speaks 4 languages, studied to be a Jesuit priest, and has degrees in philosophy and law. The victory of a 41 year old Vietnamese American in a heavily black New Orleans district is the kind of story Hollywood would live for - if Hollywood wasn't a shill for the Dems. Instead, Hollywood will eventually make a movie about how William Jefferson was a complicated, flawed, misunderstood, heroic figure. Barf.

Still: It's a Happy Day!

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