Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost psychic

I just realized: during a Thus July 8 comment at this Baseball Time in Arlington post, I speculatively and accidentally predicted the Rangers preferred offer for Cliff Lee: Chris Davis + Blake Beavan. Like the Rangers, I would have been happy to do Chris Davis + Beavan, b/c I think Smoak is better suited for batting success in playoffs and World Series games.

Here was my comment at BBTiA:


I like the point that making the playoffs is worth $25-$30 Million to a franchise. However, thats also a reason keep the high value prospects and run off 6-8 seasons of deadly serious World Championship contention.

To some extent, the persons/media who say "sell everything and go for it this season!" are pessimists; are shell-shocked by decades of Rangers baseball futility. To some extent, these persons cannot envision a 6-8 year run of dominance; cannot envision a Rangers franchise being a massive baseball power over several consecutive seasons. These pessimists are thinking small. Think big!

I love Cliff Lee. A good trade is always a good trade. However, the Rangers control a number of players who could be monstrous good over time. I don't want to see those players depart. I like Chris Davis; I like Beavan. If we have to give up Davis + Beavan type prospects, I am thrilled with a trade. If we give up Holland type prospects, we are small minded pessimists and we deserve to continue in baseball futility.


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I'm on a roll! My next prediction ..........
a workout shall happen at 8:30 this morning!

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