Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ya can't make this stuff up - recurring MSM edition

Newsweek Magazine is watching subscribers sprint away, is hemorrhaging millions of $ a year in losses, and therefore is up for sale in exchange for anything anyone will offer. Ya got an old TV? Toss it to WaPo, and they will sell you Newsweek Magazine.

Unless you are politically conservative. Newsmax Magazine made a bid which was rejected by WaPo for this reason: Newsmax magazine is too conservative. Bolding and coloring is mine:

[T]he issue for the Post Company has become whether it can find a new owner that the company’s chairman and chief executive, Donald E. Graham, believes will be a suitable steward for the magazine.

That is the main reason the Post Company decided not to entertain offers from Newsmax or Mr. Ritchie, according to these people. The conservative political ideology of Newsmax’s chief executive, Christopher Ruddy, is at odds with the editorial bent of Newsweek, which strives to be apolitical in its news coverage though is often criticized as left-leaning.

Ya can't make this stuff up. All of the above is reported by NYT with an absolutely straight face. And with utmost professionalism, we may be assured. If, a month ago, you had publicly proposed that WaPo would defraud her stockholders - via blatantly walking away from an intensified bidding war and resultant potential profit - so as to promote ideology, the left would have savaged you as a frothing insane Ann Coulter-style extremist.

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