Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Hot: Tamara Standard is Yoga Girl


Video on 6th Street in San Francisco.

Tamara draws us in. She is engaging, demonstrates leadership, is full of life, is sporting outstanding dental hygiene. We instinctively sense she will jump in beside us for life's activities: will hike to the top of the mountain with us, will jump in beside us for whatever needs doing - gardening, cleaning, whatever. Tamara is up for it.

A large part of Tamara's appeal generates from the balance, happiness, and energy which she derives from her yoga practice. Decent, well adjusted, regular American girls are more appealing than most of the celebrities which our culture celebrates. Tamara is more appealing than most any actress or model we could name (and is equally appealing with the rest!).

Tamara used to teach yoga, at Fort Bliss in El Paso, to the soldiers and their spouses. She loves Texas. We love anyone who loves soldiers and Texas.

Take a look, in the better light of the studio video at Tamara's website, at how strong she is: look at the definition in her shoulders and arms. If you were unfamiliar with the physicality of yoga, you might never suspect that Tamara is a very strong girl. Some yoga poses, which seemingly require expert balance, actually depend to a greater extent on coordinated strength amongst muscle groups. Tamara is strong throughout all her muscle groups. Such is difficult to achieve. We exercisers typically develop popular muscles, while accidentally ignoring less popular muscles. Yoga helps us be strong all over. Yoga is the healthiest workout I know of; is the most balanced and complete workout I know of.

Tamara envisions bringing yoga studios to economically depressed areas of SF. I stand beside her in saying yoga can help any of us turn our lives around. Yoga helps us be healthier - which triggers all types of positive benefits in capability, energy, stamina, brain chemistry (peptides; endorphins!), happiness, and more. Yoga is an effective tool for turning lives around - just as Alcoholics Anonymous is an effective tool for turning lives around, just as the Salvation Army is an effective tool, just as a good friendship or a good marriage are effective tools. If you want to take a look at Tamara's vision, her website has more info.

Update: excellent Facebook video, by Rosalyn Fay, in which Tamara explains her story. Also: Yoga Girl Facebook page.

Tamara's faith in yoga as armor reminds of Cha Cha's OODA Loop was tighter; her willing spirit reminds of Lisa Hannigan: I Don't Know [But I Am Game].


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