Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Hot: Salma Hayek World Cup Fan

Fan of snakes, no. Fan of futbol, si.

Viva Italia

Classic Friday Hot: Salma Hayek in Cannes



Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress, color of flamingo wing - but it does not rely on strap, Greg. Enlarge the picture, you'll see there is a gap between the gold fringe of her "belt" necklace and the edge of her dress top. It holds on its own..well, and a good corset underneath.

She has a classic figure with a small waist - something in small supply in Hollywood, what with various "teenage-boy" Cameron Diaz types.

As an actress I like Ashley Judd more, though. She can act!

gcotharn said...

It took me a moment to realize you were speaking of the Cannes dress. You've such knowledge of color. I love the way you casually toss out "color of flamingo wing". I didn't realize it before, and enjoy realizing it now.

I agree that Ashley Judd is an interesting actress. I have seen some scenes where I thought she really nailed the character - really put herself out there in a raw way, without pretense or fakery obstructing the connection between her true self and the camera.