Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At the center of our existence

we are our souls:
Trailing clouds of glory
do we come from God,
who is our home.
~~~``` -William Wordsworth

We are eternal. Our souls cry out for us to know eternal love and eternal values:
  • truth
  • beauty
  • joy
  • courage
  • forgiveness
  • grace
We express our love and our values through excellence of action, and of being. Excellence is self-expression of our highest nature. It is our tangible method of satisfying our souls' desires.

Red poppies in Galilee

In practice, excellence is about making good choices.

Making good choices = coming home to eternal values which our souls know and love.

Good choices are about truth. Good choices help us live, love, and thrive.

Making bad choices = casting ourselves into hostile wilderness, with only a sno-cone for comfort. The sno-cone is melting.

Bad choices are about fantasy. Bad choices annihilate us.

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