Friday, January 04, 2008

Cliffs notes II: political look around; innocence and guilt

Her Royal Hillness, the morning after:
“Of all the people running for president, I’ve been the most vetted, the most investigated, and — my goodness — the most innocent, it turns out,” she told a cheering crowd in an airport hangar.
Oh. My. Great. Aunt. Bernice. Hotzenpoffleschmatzerator.

(that's the best I could ever decipher a phrase from the "Laverne and Shirley" theme song).

Former Reagan Speechwriter Peggy Noonan, on Hillary:
There's something about her that makes you look, watch, think, look again, weigh and say: No.
I am not celebrating Hillary's death, because Iowa is almost meaningless, and she is not dead. Even if Iowa had meaning, Hillary is a terminator who never dies. She keeps coming. If she somehow loses this election (which I'm NOT betting on), there will be sequels. Eventually, if she needs it, Hillary will develop and then defeat breast cancer. It will soften her image, and she will then use it to try and get herself elected. It might work.

Hot Air, which mocks Obama supporters' passion by calling Obama the Messiah, suspects HRC has more dirt on Obama:

I’d love to see [HRC sling more dirt at Obama], if only to watch the starstruck Messiah acolytes try to wring her neck with his halo.

How fulsome has the worship gotten? Dude.

Chris Matthews sees his Messiah:
There's something about Obama, where he comes from ... he's a man of the world. He's almost delivered to us.
He is so emblematic of our attempt to rejoin the world.
When "rejoin the world" is spoken, I hear:

re-capitulate to the world

re-prostrate ourselves before the world

re-assert our guilt before the world.

What are we guilty of?

Excellence. Success. Wealth. We are sooo totally totally guilty.

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