Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some things can be looked at for a long time

without tiring.

I said the sexiest thing about Hedy was her brains, but... that is a nice profile.

Hedy article link
End Zone Hedy
End Zone Aishwarya Rai

Below: One can look, for a long time, without tiring, at the Salma Hayek - Ashley Judd tango in "Frida".

The set up to the tango: This is a party of Mexican artists and intelligentsia. Frida, age 19ish, and unknown to the partiers, arrives with 35ish artist Diego Rivera. When Rivera and Antonio Banderas nearly come to fisticuffs - over a disagreement about Stalin - party hostess Ashley Judd tells them to drink from a tequila bottle. Whomever drinks the most may dance with Ashley. Rivera and Banderas drink mightily. Then Salma Hayek grabs the bottle, and - shades of Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark - basically drains it. Salma has won the dance with Ashley. She grabs Ashley's hand. Begin video:

An aside: Salma grabs the cigarette from Valeria Golino, who played Tom Cruise' girlfriend in "Rain Man." Valeria has interesting eyes. She, also, can be looked at for a long time without tiring.

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