Monday, January 14, 2008

Packers win! Fans' perfect day

I have a lot of admiration for these two Packers fans: they know how to enjoy the fan experience. Look at their expressions in the following pics. You can't help being happy for them.

"Steve and I with Fuzzy Thurston, the great Packers O-lineman. The Fuzz let us wear his Super Bowl Ring for a few pictures. This was the only ring he was wearing that day. He won 5 NFL Championships and 2 Super Bowls in his career, so he has a few more at home."

How nice was Hall of Fame OG Fuzzy Thurston to these random fans? He let them wear his Superbowl Ring! What a guy. The entire Packers milieu is completely wonderful - which is what Packers fans tell each other when determining who is next in the beer line: Mi? Lieu buddy! Gho righ ahea!

"When making a pilgrimage to the holy land, one must pay homage to The Great One."

This season's Packers are the best NFL feel good story in years. Even I am a Packers fan this season. I would have LOVED to have been at that game. I am emotionally attached to the team, from 1200 miles away, simply because they play their hearts out and maximize their ability. Oh, and because Bro64's family are Packers fans. (Hat tip to Bro64 and Mrs. Bro64 for these pics of their unsuspecting friends)

"It started snowing."

Sometimes, unusual weather is perfect weather. I've had some of my best fan experiences at "bad weather" games - including a snow game in Shreveport, LA, of all things. The key is to properly dress to keep yourself warm and dry. You should pay especial attention to keeping your head and feet warm and dry - and take water-resistant gloves. In these pics, our heroes don't seem uncomfortable. They are men of the north, and they know how to stay warm with a minimum of fuss. They have on good boots, good hooded sweatshirts, and one of them is wearing hunting pants which are obviously built for warmth. They seem good to go.

"It snowed more. White-out."

Look at that field. Perfect. Go Pack!

Bro64 correctly diagnoses me: from the exact moment Jessica Simpson appeared in a pink Romo jersey, I knew in my heart the Cowboys season was over. From that moment, largely because they are such a feel-good story, I've been rooting for the Packers to make the Super Bowl. Favre, si! Jessica, no! Viva Pack!

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