Friday, January 04, 2008

End Zone cliffs notes politics


A reality show. Reality shows are without meaning. Thank God it's over.


Obama is so likable. But, intellectually, Obama is light as cotton candy.

Hillary is so dislikable. But, intellectually, Hillary is still dislikable.

Edwards is a snake.


Huckabee? No. HuckaNo. Nice man. Not conservative. Like Obama, Huckabee is intellectually light as cotton candy. He should run as a Democrat in 2012. They don't need intellectual consistency or rigor, and they do need access to religious America.

McCain? No. Not conservative. Temperamentally wrong for the office.

Rudy? Yes! An economic conservative. A judicial conservative. Tough. A knife fighter.

Romney? A conditional yes. Romney is hugely talented, yet I'm not sure he fully understands the Islamist threat we face. Also, I don't like Romney saying he will make nice with our "allies." That always means our "allies" are about to loot us. Romney doesn't need to make nice. He needs to lead our allies into an understanding of what is truly in their self interest - even if they have forgotten it; even if they have previously been afraid to do what is truly in their self-interest.

Thompson? Yes. IMAO:
In the Fred Thompson administration, there will be no need for the leaders of terrorist states to visit Ground Zero; Ground Zero will be wherever they live.

If strangling Socialists with their own intestines is wrong, Fred Thompson has no desire to be right.

Fred Thompson is not your "bro" and he is going to tase you.

Fred Thompson has on multiple occasions pronounced "nuclear" correctly.

Even annoying yip-yap dogs are reverently silent in the presence of Fred Thompson.

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