Saturday, January 05, 2008

Needed: a Presidential purpose

(Two posts per day, two days in a row? Time sensitive subject matter!)

In a flurry of conference calls throughout the day, described by several participants, anxious Clinton advisers agreed to stick to her original message -- that only the former first lady has the experience to bring about change.

Isn't that a massive contradiction? Does one need experience in order to bring about change?

Ought one speak of change with Bill Clinton standing behind one shoulder and Madeline Albright standing behind the other?

Speculation: Hillary is managing her team poorly. Dissenting voices are not being heard on conference calls with the candidate (due to the risk associated with speaking out - a risk Hillary has allowed to become too large). Dissenting voices are only being heard on cellphone calls, to other staffers, immediately after the conference calls end.

This chosen thrust: "the experience to bring about change" points to Hillary's possibly fatal flaw: she has no purpose. She gives us no reason to want her as President. She has no core value or purpose which she would bring to the office. Lacking that, she is trying to fool us with weak bs: "the experience to bring about change." People see through that from a million miles away. Hillary is a stiff who is trying to sell us snake oil.

It is not her turn to be elected. It is also not her gender's turn. In the United States, everyone earns it. No one gets a turn. Yet, throughout her candidacy(coronation?), this has seemingly been the main justification for voting for her: it's her turn. Her Royal Hillness needs a tangible purpose which will justify her election. We need a reason to want her as our President. The clock is ticking. Hillary must look into the abyss and find her soul.

Romney has the same lack of purpose problem as Hillary. It is why he faded in Iowa. I expect Romney to overcome the problem, and to elucidate his purpose. He is talented, and I expect him to figure it out. If he does not, he will, very properly, not win the nomination.

Obama's reasons: change, freshness, hope. Platitudes. Yet, he embodies the platitudes. They work for him, to this point, at least. John Kerry was platitudes, and he was Ohio away from election. John Kerry had a plan.

Obama's other reason: Obama Girl. She's back.

Giuliani's reasons: kill the terrorists, lower the taxes, confirm conservative judges. Those are outstanding reasons. Giuliani has a problem with "protect the borders". But, he may yet see the light.

Thompson's reasons: all of Giuliani's, plus "protect the borders". Thompson has to convince people he is capable.

McCain's reasons: I'll protect the nation, and I'm a wiser-than-wise moderate, just like all you undecided voters. I'm not wise enough to know if McCain's reasons will work out for him.

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