Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary head fakes towards tears

Like Tony Romo seducing a Safety to move left. Only, not to Romo's level of excellence. More like ... Donovan McNabb. Yes. Exactly so. In many respects.

The Anchoress, a long-time Hillary-watcher, predicted this occurrence on Wed, Jan 2:
What I dread most in this political season is the “genuine” moment - and it is coming, soon, sometime between today and tomorrow, or tomorrow and New Hampshire - when Mrs. Clinton, in her ongoing effort to turn herself into whatever the polls says she must be, cries in public. It’s going to be genuinely ghastly.
WSJ blog:
Speaking to an intimate group of undecided voters this morning at a cafe in Portsmouth, Hillary Clinton showed a rare emotional side.

The last question of the Q&A breakfast session came from Maryann Pernold, a 64-year-old undecided Democrat. Pernold said that as a woman “I know it’s hard to get out of the house and get ready,” she said. “Who does your hair?”
(See video of Clinton’s response.)

The group of 15 women sitting around a table at the Cafe Espresso nodded approvingly.
Clearly exhausted, Clinton ... went on to say “As tired as I am, and I am, and as difficult as it is to try to keep up what I try to do on the road,” she said in an unusually vulnerable moment. “I just believe so strongly in who we are as a nation so I’m going to do everything I can to make my case and leave it to the voters to decide.”
Pernold ... was satisfied with the answer. “She really loves us and wants us to succeed in the world,” she said. “I think she’s real now, there’s a person there.”

Allison Hampton, a retired teacher who was leaning toward voting for Barack Obama, says she’ll now go with Clinton. “When she broke up at the end, that came from the heart,” Hampton said. “She’s genuine and extremely intelligent.”
You may see sincerity. I see a total set-up and a professionally rehearsed acting job.

15 women in a cafe is a perfect, intimate opportunity to show emotion. If you cry in front of a big crowd, you are out of the race.

"Maryann Pernold," who is actually Marianne Pernold-Young, freelance photographer, was a set up. Her question was a set up. This post-event Marianne quote happens to be the Hillary campaign's exact message of the day: “I think she’s real now, there’s a person there.” Coincidence, I'm sure. Marianne says she is "an undecided Democrat." Heh. Snuffle. Hahahahahahahaha.

An aside: Tammy Bruce, in her blog
Personally, I think we should vote for a person who's been, uh, real and a person for a while, not just since Friday.
I suspect Clinton's head fake was well coached by a media professional - possibly even by a professional actress or acting coach. Clinton showed just enough emotion in her face, yet did not lose composure in any manner which would make her appear weak. A professional display.

"Clearly exhausted"?! I am laughing my head off. "Clearly exhausted" was a set-up, going all the way back to Bill Clinton, on Friday, talking about how little sleep his "girls" were getting.

Allison Hampton was a set-up. A retired teacher?!(teacher's union - check) Who was leaning towards Barack Obama?! Hahahahahahahhaaha! Oh man, I am crying. “When she broke up at the end, that came from the heart,” Hampton said. “She’s genuine and extremely intelligent.” OF COURSE Hampton's being on scene with that quote was a pure coincidence.

That's entertainment.

Captains Quarters, alluding to the lead in question "Who does your hair?", gets off the line of the day: "There's no crying in softball."

Famous video of Bill Clinton at the Ron Brown funeral. He is coming from the side of the church, and is happily conversing with motivational speaker Tony Campolo (Campolo later became Bill's spiritual counselor during the Lewinski scandal). Bill sees the cameras, then instantly becomes sad, going so far as to wipe tears from both eyes. Bill could've never, ever survived in an age of You Tube. Evidence of human progress, imo.

Final note: the internet was made for researching things. If Marianne Pernold-Young turns out to have a background as a Dem activist; or, worse, if she has supported, or had connections to, the Hillary campaign: it could wreck Ms. Clinton's candidacy. The naked hypocrisy could end her. More than ever, campaigns must be extremely careful about who they plant inside their stunts.

Ms. Pernold-Young's website says she was "Jimmy Carter's campaign photographer", and does "Commissioned portraits of politicians", and has the far left American Enterprise Institute as one of her clients. Looks like enough to raise eyebrows, but not enough to kill Hillary as a candidate. link

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