Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Can Hillary do it?

I'll be voting for her today. I think: yes. I think, in the very last 4 to 5 days, Hillary has found effective ways to shift momentum in her direction. I think she will win enough votes to keep her in the race, with a legitimate chance at the nomination.

Barack has not closed the deal. Hillary, like the NYGiants going into the Super Bowl, has a legitimate chance to win. Barack could close the deal tomorrow. But I don't think he will. I really like Hillary's chance to make a late comeback and win the Dem nomination. I sense momentum is shifting away from Barack.

All that said, I'm pretty much the worst political prognosticator ever. Even I don't give much weight to my opinion. I just felt like sharing.


I sent this creepy Obama video to my cousin, who plans to vote for Obama today. I've watched it several times. It is creepy and catchy! The creator is musician Will.I.Am.(the guy in the hat)

My favorite part happens in the final 15 seconds. Will.I.Am stands beside Jessica Alba, and they both chant "Obama. Obama." Will.I.Am is so happy! His reaction is EXACTLY the same as my reaction would be: "Damn, man! I'm tryin to be cool, but I'm chantin "Obama" RIGHT BESIDE JESSICA ALBA!!!" He can't keep himself from smiling. It's exactly how I would be.

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