Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary is finding her footing and her balance as a candidate

I love underdogs. I predict Hillary will rally and win the Dem nomination. I think Barack's campaign is a brittle facade which could be shattered into a pile of shards. Hillary has a chance to do it.

It's taken from Feb 2007 until now, but I think Hillary is - for the first time in her life - finding her footing and her understanding of how to be an effective political candidate. Hillary has never had to be an effective candidate. Her competition for two Senate races in New York: Rick Lazio and Jeanine Pirro, were notably weak opponents. Hillary's campaign people have usually been excellent. Hillary herself has always fluctuated between being a mediocre and a horrible candidate.

What she is doing now: mockery, is the way to beat Obama. Mock Barack. Point out the silliness - the lack of seriousness - of Barack as a candidate. Barack is only serious in tone; he is only serious in his regard for how wonderful he is. In the real world, in the actual and serious world: Barack is fluffy light. He ripe for mockery.

Allahpundit makes fun of Hillary's campaigning in this video. Allah doesn't realize this is the exact message Hillary needs to send out - and she is doing it! She needs to repeat this message over and over and over, until every potential voter has heard it several times. This appears to be what she is doing! She just needs to follow through.

There's an old sales nugget that a person needs to hear something seven times before the something sinks into their consciousness. There might be some truth to this. Dems and liberals have a long history of repeating falsehoods over and over, until eventually America believes the falsehood is truth. Some examples of falsehoods which Democrats repeated so often that most Americans now believe they are true:
Clarence Thomas sexually harassed Anita Hill.

Bill Clinton's impeachment was about sex.

Florida 2000 Election was stolen by Bush.

The Swift Boat For Truth veterans were liars.

President Bush lied in his 2003 SOTU; and misled us into war.

Halliburton/Bush Administration are corruptly co-operating.

Scooter Libby outed Valerie Plame.

NSA wiretapping is violating Americans civil rights.

and, just for fun, a non-Dem nugget: alligators are green.
Every one of those nuggets is untrue, yet in each case a majority of Americans believe each one to be true.

Therefore, Hillary simply needs to use time-honored sales and Democratic propaganda techniques: mock Barack - again and again and again - mock him thousands of times. Stay on message. And I would add in the mockery message about
"[according to Barack] the sky will open up; the light will shine down; angels will begin singing; and we will all come together and everything will be wonderful!"
These two items are exactly the way to defeat Barack:

1. Barack is "running on one speech from 2002."
2. "the sky will open up" et al.

Hillary cannot pitter pat around obscure(to the average voter) issue differences and pick up the large number of delegates she needs to defeat Barack. At this point, Hillary's only chance is to shatter him. She can do it. His facade of legitimacy is brittle enough to be shattered - by MOCKERY. I left this comment at neoneocon:
Obama’s brittle shell + cotton candy center reminds of a corrupt or oppressive government which is just barely maintaining control of it’s people. When a piece of that government shatters just a bit, suddenly the entire shell of a government structure shatters and crashes to the ground. It happens shockingly fast - like the U.S.S.R. in 1991.

Obama is like a government which is scrambling to hold everything in place. Obama is scrambling to hold the illusion in place. From the outside, we can clearly see the freight train of reality is going to smash Obama to pieces. We cannot see when. Maybe after he already the Dem nominee. Maybe in February 2009, after he is already POTUS. But the freight train is coming. Reality is bearing down on Obama, and there will be a 100 MPH collision. The only question is when. If it happens in the next couple of months, the Dems retain the flexibility to shift to Hillary.

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