Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Foxnews Sexpert; Georgia O'Keeffe

Sigh. I just love this girl.

Reading the Sexpert's article, my mind wanders to the vulva-esque paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. Ms. O'Keeffe famously criticized and dismissed those who said she was painting vaginas. She must have been having comic fun with her critics, as artistically vulva-esque images appeared in many of her paintings.

I've suspected (wild guessed) O'Keeffe was expressing a spiritual truth she sensed. I suspect artistically hinting at fecundity was part of the best way to depict that truth.

Rather than plainly depict a flower, art critics said Ms. O'Keeffe "looked into the heart of the flower". I've also read that her flowers are painted as if from an insect's perspective; or, from a bee's perspective, if a bee were busy conducting pollination.

An elegant thing I read about Ms. O'Keeffe's vulva-esque phase(paraphrasing from memory): She was a strong woman who lived in a world which catered to men. Her art expressed the inherent strength of her womanhood.

To my amateur eye, the most attractive thing about Ms. O'Keeffe's paintings is their fluidity. It's as if their fluidity connects them to larger, interconnected existence. Ms. O'Keeffe was said to be entranced by colors, shapes, and textures.

Georgia O'Keeffe bio. Born on a farm in Wisconsin.

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