Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The manure Barack is shoveling: Part 3 3/4 - No reason to be proud of America

We ought elect a President who is proud of America - warts and all - at all times.

Here is an accurate paraphrase of what Barack is saying in his "American child" riff in this video:
America is something we Americans are ashamed of. Elect me, and I will change America into something we Americans can be proud of.
In the video, Barack is off the teleprompter, and he allows that insight into his worldview to slip past his self-censorship. This is why I ask:

Does Barack love the America created by our Founding Fathers? Does he love the land of freedom and opportunity which presently exists?

Or, does Barack mainly love his idea of an America which he could create - i.e. an America of leftist-style economic and social justice?

Barack is a far left politician. He was brought into the world by self-described Communist parents. His stepfather was associated with the radical Phillipine administration of Sukarno. Barack returned to Hawaii to complete his prep school education. While there, he acquired a surrogate father and mentor who was also openly Communist: well-known and talented American poet Frank Marshall Davis. Mr. Davis had been in the social circle of Barack's birth parents, and had known Barack since he was a baby. Now, Barack embraces "black American identity", and all the rigid victim characterizations and misguided social and economic programs that implies.

What happens if Barack gets into the Oval Office, then Congress prevents him from reshaping America into his dreamland of economic and social justice? Is Barack then proud of America, or ashamed of her? We ought elect a President who is proud of America - warts and all - all of the time.

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