Friday, March 21, 2008

O'Keeffe "Ice Cave in New Mexico"

Obama fallout/detritus continues. The divine Ms. Lucas:
... a Time magazine piece coming out about how “incredibly ignorant” white America is about black America’s rage and resentment.

For shit’s sake.

Trust me, we’re not ignorant about it, because it’s all we ever hear about.
In the almost surreal unreflective post-modernist posing that passes for intellectual discourse among the self-designated cognoscenti, [NYT's Nicholas] Kristof takes the widespread acceptance of paranoid conspiracy theories in a large part of the black community as evidence that whites have neglected to listen to blacks
Slight fun diversion - Christopher Hitchens(paraphrasing):
Remember when we were young, and people would say, with disgust: "That politician would sell out his own grandmother"? Well, Obama just did.

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