Monday, January 26, 2009

251 visits to this blog yesterday

on a day I did not post.

Clearly, the secret to increasing blog traffic is: do not blog. It's kind of like the leftist prescription for defeating terrorists: do not kill terrorists (b/c, if you kill them, it only makes them stronger and more terrifying, b/c before you killed them they were docile and agreeable and benevolent types, and after you killed them they became mightily pissed off docile types who brought 72 nukes and a bunch of missile technology up from hell on a winged horse, or something - you can read all about it on the lefty blogs).

Anyway, about 170 visitors came to read Southern Brother's Industry Insider Useless Information on Texas Rangers 2009 Uniforms - which occurrence reaffirms my love for humanity, as I am a nerd who loves sports uniforms, and this confirms there are other nerds out there like me.

Most of the other visitors came to read the brief commentary on the Obama disses Limbaugh and Limbaugh responds kerfuffle, which was linked by Yahoo as a commentary on the incident, and thus also got high up in Google Blog Searches.

Since I added SiteMeter, and started looking at why people come to the blog, I've figured out how to increase blog traffic so as to get minor ad revenue. Yet, the revenue would be so minor that I don't really want to fool with writing on certain topics for marketing reasons.

For instance, a 20 year old Brazilian model got a bladder infection in Dec; it turned into sepsis and she just died from it. It's terribly tragic, and she was so beautiful, and I could blog about it and include her name and her photo and generate hundreds or maybe even thousands of visits from all over the world, and I just don't really want to, which is why I'm not even writing her name here(to prevent Google sending anyone). But, I did accidentally discover sepsis is the 10th leading killer in the U.S., and supposedly kills 800K Americans every year, and that shocks me. I had no idea.

I would rather write about Projecting Texas Rangers Pitching going forward from the 2010 Season, which basically interests two readers: Bro64 and Emjay, yet which is definitely a subject I enjoy blogging about - so much so that I spent an hour or more blogging the post, and it felt like 5 minutes. So, I like the blog, and that's what I want out of it - unless I can figure out how to generate mucho $'s, which right now I can't figure out, maybe partly b/c I don't ever try to figure it out, and maybe mostly b/c I'm not as amusing and insightful as the handful of bloggers who generate good revenue, which is fine.*

Vive le Rangers de Tejas! Vive Derek Holland y Blake "Badass" Beavan! Vive Marpez!


*in the post preceding this one, I blogged about reasons to be successful, yet here am justifying lack of success. Sweet and sour irony with steamed rice. Hunan style.

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emjay said...

Sorry Babe, but I INSIST you keep blogging about those no-good Rangers! I just gotta read about them even though I get so angry at Jon "Stupid" Daniels. I figure he caught the owner in a no win situation and that's how he keeps his job.