Saturday, January 31, 2009

Multi-Generational Economic Rape Act

Directs $4.19 Billion to ACORN.


Undoubtedly designed to pay fee of biggest spokestool in history.

Also includes buy American provision which dampens free trade ~~~~ haunting ghost of 1930 Smoot Hawley Act which: raised tariffs, dampened free trade, disastrously deepened Depression.

Shockingly ignorant of history, economics, virtue, wisdom. We are being disingenuous and foolish. We should stop now. I am less and less tranquil.

I'm reminded of instances, when commenting with persons of the left, when they would accuse Repubs of being big spenders.

"Repubs are big spenders,"
I would reply, "And I am mad at them, and they completely deserve to lose elections. However, Dems are always much bigger spenders than Repubs. Dems would be worse."

the Left person would earnestly reply, every time, "Dems will spend less than Repubs. There's no doubt. Dems will even balance the budget."

Sigh. We've just completed an election in which the electorate largely believed
  1. the Dem would cut taxes more than the Repub,
  2. Dems in Congress would spend less than Repubs and would balance the budget,
  3. Dems are better with the economy than Repubs.
The taxes things was McCain's fault. A Repub ought never, ever allow a Dem to co-opt this issue.

The spending thing was Congressional Repubs fault. They were fools when they controlled Congress, and they richly deserve their current fate.

Public economic opinion is everyone's fault: McCain, Congressional Repubs, even the voters.

Update 2:

Exactly what you get, exactly what you deserve, when you refuse to allow failing companies to fail (and GWB is guilty, guilty, guilty in this area; yet Barack and Dems could have stopped it). Who can blame GM for investing where they are profitable, instead of where they are unprofitable? I don't. I would rather they invest where they are profitable.
GM investing $1 Billion of Bailout money in Brazil Auto Operations

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