Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barack gives green light for Iranian nuclear bomb

Candidate Barack: Iranian nuke "unacceptable"; vows to keep military option open.

President Barack, Day One: Iranian nuke "troubling"; vows to sanction Iran so hard - sooo much harder than they've been sanctioned before.

Mullahs incapacitated by laughter.


Actually, I think

Sanctions + CIA behind scenes work with internal dissidents + low oil prices =
possibly excellent strategy to hobble Mullahs.

However, it's important - for encouragement of Iranian dissidents and for many other reasons - to ALWAYS make it clear all options are on the table when dealing with Iran.

America wants to keep pressure on Iran in every possible way - including via the words of the American President. Barack's policy words ease the pressure. Barack's policy words discourage dissidents. Barack's words make him and America look weaker than we actually are. On Day One, Barack has punked himself, and our nation, and is too inexperienced and unseeing to know it.


Then there's this, also from Day One (my paraphrase): the U.S. is willing to meet with Iran without preconditions, on condition Iran stops enriching Uranium.

Mumbo jumbo bullshit. The pile of such is already high.

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