Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Laffer Curve respected in Barackworld?

Color me skeptical - until the pudding is actually cooked, but Barack's economic advisors might have some Reagan in them. Economic advisor Christina Romer
has produced research that found "tax cuts have very large and persistent positive output effects" of roughly $3 in GDP growth for every $1 of tax cuts.
James Pethokoukis has the story:
"Why Obama is Causing a Liberal Freakout".

Is Barack self-aware enough to recognize his own economic ignorance? Is he nimble enough to pivot and to act on new knowledge? Because I trust Barack about like I trust Pacman Jones, I am waiting for the pudding. However, I'm allowing myself to hope! Barack has delivered on that "hope" promise. Whoopee!


Anonymous said...

Greg...Baron and I would always be astonished at his DNC and post DNC speaches...'he is sounding more conservative than republicans!' we would say to each other...once during a debate Baron texts me..'exactly WHO is the republican in this debate?' but my question has always been...'has he cleared this with PELOSI?'

Webutante said...

One can only imagine what was said at the dinner for Obama last night at the home of George Will. Without doubt, Will's dinner with Bill Kristol and David Brooks would have been the most fun, interesting and erudite event Barack will attend all year, and certainly during his dog-and-pony show inauguration. They're all attractive guys with smart things to say and hopefully they continued to influence our neophyte president elect. I have some hope too, with emphasis on "some."