Monday, January 26, 2009

Success Project 1

Why succeed at anything?

Faith. Faith that life has purpose. Doing right and succeeding serve a purpose.

We sense a Supernatural force which exists beyond intellectual understanding. It encourages us to do right. We sense guilt and responsibility if we do wrong. We sense - beyond anything we can intellectually explain - it is right to succeed. It serves a purpose. It is a true experience of life.

C.S. Lewis best explains this in his short, seminal apologia: "Mere Christianity". An entertaining intro to Lewis, from Ms. Rachel Lucas and canine artist Sunny "Ave Maria" Lucas.


Southern Brother said...

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit...if you are someone that has made a public profession of faith in your life and accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior...that innate sense to do right, should be credit given to the Holy Spirit...Mom sometimes embarrasses herself when she would confronts people who say ' God told me...blah blah blah' and Mom will respond with something like 'Well, glad he told you because he never tells me anything..' that would indicate to a believer Mom doesn't have a prayer life and thereby would choose to use her own free will in all that she does...which is not true...the Bible says 'we have not because we ask not' but more importantly during prayer and quiet time is listening to the instructions of the Holy do right within the will of God. Amen

gcotharn said...

I always appreciate seeing how you look at things. I agree "supernatural" = Holy Spirit. I've gone back and capitalized Supernatural, which should have originally been done.