Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele elected Chairman of the RNC

Me: This is awesome!

Steele: "This is awesome!"

Steele: "Get ready for something completely different."


Webutante said...

I have been mostly out-of-pocket the past few days, but wanted to say how much I just enjoyed your comment at Neo's:

"One aspect of my conservatism is conviction that the world is perfectly designed. Injustice ought be opposed - yet it exists for a reason which is beyond my understanding, and I do not begrudge it’s existence (except during weak moments, when I begrudge the hell out of it).

"And I think this is what Updike is talking about in the quote: the dirty business of violence exists; it’s designed in; it’s not a bug but a feature."

Wisdom like this is not to be passed over lightly. Thank you for sharing it. I agree with everything you've said.

gcotharn said...

Were I a cowboy in the Tuscon desert, I would tip my hat and say "Thanks, Ma'am."

Then I would wink, and smile really big, because it's fun to be a cowboy when womenfolk are around.

Webutante said...

Well we womenfolk love cowboys, for sure!

gcotharn said...

Exactly! Womenfolk are such a pleasure. You don't emasculate; you masculate.*

*s/b a word