Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cousin Tate is ready for his close up

Fun outfit. The blond hair and impish smile are nice accoutrements.

I would love to see this outfit accessorized with brown (or cordovan?) Buster Brown shoes. Would give it an 1870s to 1930s vibe.

Of course, were I a good cousin, I would buy those shoes myself; and arrive at Tate's house with a camera, a gaffer, an assistant lighting director to handle the bounce*, a little squeaky toy, a butter cookie, and apple juice.   And a photographic documentarian:  Cousin Bob.

Sadly, I am kind of a suck eggs cousin. Mainly because I refuse to hire a union gaffer.

*"the bounce" = a light reflector on a movie set. Thx to @brookedodson


The Robertson Family said...

That kid must have an awesome mom.

And yes, we will have to consult with you on the accessories for Tate's next get-up! :-)

gcotharn said...

Actually, that kid DOES have an awesome mom!