Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rangers in First Place!

I argued, in February and March, the Rangers needed to start thinking in a way the franchise had not thought since the days of Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, and Jim Bibby, i.e. "We have enough pitching". Specifically, I argue the Rangers have some young hitters who are touched by God, and theyBold ought not trade a young hitter who is touched by God. Touched by God hitters:

.... maybe. But you CANNOT trade Cruz, b/c you don't yet know what he might become.  Just let the man play ball; watch and see how it turns out.  Let the story be writ.
Chris Davis (touched by God, ought not be traded, yet ought be in OKC)
Max Ramirez, aka "Maximus"
Justin Smoak

I wrote this b/c Rangers fans were consistently fantasizing ways to trade touched by God hitters for pitchers. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. God help me: the Rangers have enough pitching. I know it sounds crazy, but they do. It's okay to trade young pitching for veteran pitching; yet we ought not trade our touched by God hitters - because those guys are tough to acquire. When I say touched by God, I'm talking about the kind of guys who will hit Johan Santana and Mariano Rivera in October Playoffs and World Series games. Touched. By. God. There aren't many hitters like that. The Rangers have 5 of them (6 if Nelson Cruz is special), all under the age of 30, and these guys ought not be traded.

In the major leagues, the Rangers have enough pitching.
In the minor leagues, the Rangers have enough pitching.
The Rangers have enough pitching.

It's fun to type that.

from Jeff Wilson of FWST:
Rangers OF Marlon Byrd, 5/6/09:
"If we keep getting this [pitching], I don't see another team beating us in the AL West."

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