Monday, May 04, 2009

Youth Theater

Youth theater is maybe especially good for boys. It develops skill in an area of male weakness:  expressing emotions and feelings. I've known three boys who were and are involved in theater: all three have excellent self confidence and excellent communications skills. They are especially confident around girls. I suspect being in theater with girls tends to demystify girls.

Parents ought be a bit careful with theater: theater directors tend to coerce even young kids into joining one production after another. It can become a year round grind.  

And a bind:  who gets the best roles?  The kids who can be counted on for every production, all through the year?  Or, the kids whose parents prissily cite Aristotle's "Everything in moderation," and who can only be counted on sometimes?  

Maybe, if a secondary role causes child upset, such can become opportunity to examine true principles and standards; to examine what is really important.  Things seem so easy from the perspective of this keyboard and monitor!   So clean.  Unmuddled.

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