Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Hot: Women of Israeli Defense Forces

Update:  Paul Gordon, in the comments, alerts to this from The Muqata:
Why no one robs convenience stores in Israel

These ladies both: 1) got back, and 2) got your back.


I've shown photos of IDF women before. I love healthy, active, athletic women. Several times, in past, I've made inquiries about women who turned out to be healthy, active, athletic lesbians. A danged shame!

I consider the IDF as maybe the most beautiful group of women in the world. They are willing to fight and die for Israel. They are healthy and active. They shoot. Many are devout. Very sexy combination of traits. You can have your cheerleaders and your boob job Hollywood air brushed airheads. Give me the women of the IDF.

Past End Zone:

Feb 2009 End Zone: Women of IDF

From 2006 End Zone:

Above: sea, sand, salt air, kite, girls, beer, automatic weapon, full clip. Sigh...

Do yourself a favor, and click the link


Paul Gordon said...

Just in case you haven't already run across this one...

Why so few convenience stores are robbed in Israel.


gcotharn said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for the link. I'm updating it into the post.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

and thank YOU for the link! :)

gcotharn said...

you bet. thanks for visiting.