Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honestly, Obama's lying

Reading Robert Avrech is good for what ails ya. Lunch, Hollywood, w/film producer:
“Robert, don’t be so naive. We all know Obama’s lying through his teeth.”

“About gay marriage?”

“That and being,” he claws quote marks in the air, “a good Christian. Listen, Obama’s a Christian like I’m a Hasid.”

I am floored.

“You’re saying that Democrats assume Obama is lying for political expediency?”

“To get elected, sure. Hey, welcome to the real world.”

I take a deep breath.

“So Carrie Prejean is a big fat target—”

“Not fat, my friend, did you see that slamming body?”

“Okay, so she’s a slamming beautiful target because she’s a genuine Christian and sincerely opposes gay marriage whereas Obama gets a pass because, you assume, he’s a liar and an opportunist.”

“You got it.”

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