Thursday, May 21, 2009

Komodo Dragon Thursday

because I am horrified by Komodo Dragons. They are vicious car wrecks which I stare at.

New species info: Komodo Dragons shoot venom from glands which run along the jawline on the insides of their mouths. The venom is an anticoagulant. Their victims suffer lowered blood pressure, eventually going into shock (whereupon the Komodo Dragon and his Komodo friends eat them alive). Via Instapunk:
Scientists always believed that because Komodos also fed on carrion, their mouths must teem with bacteria and that the germs infected their victims, killing them slowly.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans have shown, however, that Komodos have glands in their mouths that produce venom similar to that of many snakes.

The lizard’s sharp, serrated teeth open up wounds into which the venom flows from the gland that runs along the jawline. The venom acts as an anticoagulant, increasing the blood flow and reducing blood pressure, sending the victim into shock. The victim’s blood cannot clot and it bleeds to death....

Despite the dragon’s venom gland running visibly along its jawline, scientists had not realised until now that it was poisonous.

“That’s because no one bothered to look,” said Dr Fry, who noted the gland during his work with captive Komodos at Singapore zoo.
I can't tell you how many nature shows I've watched over the decades in which highly credentialed zoologists stared straight into the camera and informed me that Komodo dragons kill by infecting their prey with the godawful bacteria in their mouths. A whole new dimension in halitosis. I believed them. Why wouldn't I? But they were wrong.
The End Zone is clearly about:
There you go:  all the insight you will ever need into my personality.

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