Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Slip, boyprens, and staring contests

Instead of sleeping, I'm looking at Happy Slip videos. Christine Gambito cracks me beyond reason:

which led to this Happy Slip video of Minnie acquiring a boypren named KevJumba:

which led to this video of Baron Davis(?!) challenging KevJumba to a staring contest, followed by KevJumba accepting and then challenging Jessica Alba:
This opens, for me, an entirely new aspect of Baron Davis' personality. Previously, I figured Baron, when he wasn't on court, mostly stayed drunk. My bad. Baron, I apologize. And, may I say: You are a helluva basketball player. But, I hold you in medium esteem as a starer.

So, anyway, the Baron/KevJumba video led to video of Jessica Alba(?!) accepting KevJumba's challenge. So, now you can watch Jessica Alba staring at you, at your home computer, from her home computer (in the entry hall?) in her home:

And this, for me, is what passes for an entertaining late Saturday night.

Oh - if you read this post, I encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom. The End Zone received no comments last week - despite perfectly brilliant blogposts! Come on reader! You can't tell me you didn't like-like: "No atheists in foxholes", "Sex every day for a year", and "What success in Iraq looks like"! You loved that stuff! Who doesn't love that stuff?!

You will feel much more expressed after you comment - and expressing yourself will get the seratonin and the dopamine flowing in pleasing ways - I promise. And I'll respond to your comment, with something like "Heh." Go ahead. You comment now. Help me help you. Also, help me reach my just-thought-up goal of getting at least one comment this week. Thanks in advance.

BTW, success in Iraq looks like this:

Sheik Ahmed Fateh Khan al-Rishawi

Sex every day for a year looks like this:


Anonymous said...

First!!!!! Great commentary last week. Happy Father's Day. Don't think I'm mentally ready for sex every day.

(your cousins husband)

gcotharn said...

Hi Mark! Heh regarding that "first". If you ever comment again, you can jump in and say "only!!!!"

Happy Fathers Day. You are surely one of the best fathers I know.