Monday, June 23, 2008

Weak responses to racial scamming

Consider the concept of the collective racial guilt of whites.

Consider the concept of whites foisting an institutionally racist system upon blacks.

These concepts are bludgeons. They are deployed to gain power for the bludgeoners.

Yet, the bludgeoned have only themselves to blame - not because of collective racial culpability - but, rather, because of
1) overt narcissistic desire to have the bludgeoners like them, and
2) buying into weak reasoning about collective guilt and institutional racism.

To wit:

1) The overt narcissist lacks the principles and self-confidence to self-declare his or her worth. Overt narcissists seek reassurance via glowing feedback from those around them. An overt narcissist cannot stand the thought that anyone - including a racial bludgeoner - might fail to appreciate the narcissist's wonderfulness.

2a) Collective racial guilt is horse manure. Have you enslaved anyone? Lynched anyone? Refused a qualified candidate due to race? Do you have racial hatred in your heart? I didn't think so. Therefore: why would you be so weak-minded as to launch yourself on a lifetime apology tour?

It would, at any rate, be a fruitless apology tour, as it will never provide the absolution and redemption you seek. The bludgeoners will never let you off the hook for your "sins". To do so would be to give up their power over you. They are not about to do that.

2b) Institutional racism: who cares? It's the perfect allegation, as alleged wrongdoers cannot prove a negative in rebuttal.

Despite whatever true and real obstacles individual black persons must overcome: they are nevertheless hard pressed to find equivalent freedoms and economic opportunities in any other nation on Earth. Therefore, though I consider "institutional racism" to be a scam: it doesn't matter even if it actually and truly does exist. Black Americans - as are all of us - are nevertheless blessed to be surrounded with the freedoms and opportunities available in the United States.

If you have racial hatred in your heart: repent.

If you do not have racial hatred in your heart: man up and quit falling for a bunch of horse manure reasoning!

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