Monday, June 16, 2008

Scott McClellan's invalid premise

Scott McClellan complains the Iraq war was “sold” to the American people.

I’m bothered by McClellan’s underlying premise:
America should not go to war unless the American people want to go to war.
If the American people had been the decision makers about the Iraq war, then the American people would’ve needed to consider all the info about possible positive and negative outcomes.

Some Congresspersons did cede their decision-making responsibilities to the results of opinion polls in their districts and states. These Congresspersons forced Pres. Bush to sell the war. Pres. Bush didn’t overly dwell on the negative possibilities - and he was under no moral obligation to do so. In fact, since Pres. Bush believed in the justness of the cause, he was instead under moral obligation to conduct an effective political campaign in favor of strong action against Saddam. It would’ve actually been immoral for Pres. Bush to conduct a suboptimal political campaign.

The full menu of possible negative outcomes should have been grist for whichever Congresspersons chose to embrace their duty to decide the issue.

Something else bothers me:

McClellan's premise is Pres. Bush should have been an "Educator in Chief" who educated the American people about all possible outcomes - including that the Iraq War might last a long time.

Think what Scott McClellan is saying. He wanted this group: Americans who were military, strategic, and foreign policy novices, to be the deciders about whether or not to invade and overthrow Saddam Hussein. President Bush should've fully educated them about all possible outcomes, then let them be polled! This is the way to run a country!

McClellan's premise is illogical, unconstitutional, and fully celebrated and trumpeted by Dems and MSM. McClellan soon enough will be testifying on Capitol Hill:
Senator, the White House neither spoon fed the American people, nor burped them, nor tucked them snuggly into bed. The White House was bad, bad, bad, Senator - if, you know, that's your question, because it seems where you are headed, and I just want to say I fully agree.

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