Monday, June 02, 2008

Danish Embassy bombed

Today, the Danish embassy in Pakistan was bombed. Four innocent Pakistani bystanders were killed. No Danes were killed. Property was destroyed, including: the wall outside the Danish Embassy, windows on the Danish Embassy building, and much property along the street - including a Pakistani "Development Office" across the street. Debris was blown as far as 200 meters.

Everyone knows this was done as retaliation for the 2005 publication of the Danish Muhammad Cartoons (which resulted in the Jan 2006 protests).

Ultimately, though the bombers may or may not have thought things completely through: today's bombing was retaliation against Denmark for allowing freedom for their citizens. In Denmark's case, those freedoms include: freedom of the press, artistic freedom, freedom of speech. The terrorists oppose freedom.

Smart people on the left are infuriated whenever the right say the terrorists fight because they hate our freedom. Today's bombing is objective proof: the terrorists hate our freedom.

The left will say: "Fool! They don't hate our freedom. They hate that we insulted them." The right's response, by necessity, belabors the obvious: Freedom of speech includes freedom to insult. If you hate the freedom to insult, you hate freedom of speech.

Wretchard comments on the current feebleness of radical Islam, and on the irony of the bomb attack:
objectively speaking the entire bombing attack illustrates better than anything else how weak radical Islam has become. Making a lesson of a small European country must have been high on their list of priorities since the cartoons were published. That it has taken this long; that it needed to be mounted in a country that is practically the stronghold of al-Qaeda; and that it failed to be delivered directly into the embassy compound shows that this is the best they can do. Their arm has become very, very weak.

And BTW, was this the image they wanted to prevent people from seeing?
We in the West ought tweak Ben Franklin in a fun way:
We must stand together, or we will surely be blown up separately.
Also this:
We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.


from Michelle Malkin:
In response to the notion that the West (or Islam) has ever followed the prohibition against depicting Mohammed, Zombie has created the “Mohammed Image Archive,” which contains dozens of Mohammed images from throughout history.
My favorite link from Zombie: Islamic Art Images of Muhammad.

The other Danish Cartoons:

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