Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sister Souljah moment prediction

Barack is about to swing Ralph Nader around by the nape of his neck. Barack has needed a Sister Souljah moment to counteract the damage done by Reverend Wright, TUCC, and BLT. He will never have a better opportunity.

This self-narrative of racial victim and noble crusader is Barack's preferred ground upon which to contest the election. Issues are tricky for him, due to competing interest groups he must pander to. His resume of accomplishment is non-existent. The character thing is tricky. Leadership is tricky. Love of the American Dream - Barack doesn't actually believe in the American Dream. He thinks it is hype, and has said so. However, this ground: racial victim and noble crusader, is his chosen battlefield. I predict Barack will Sister Souljah Ralph Nader's booty butt.

It will be a textbook Sister Souljah. They will write an opera about it. The audience will weep tears of self-revelatory truth.

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