Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nolan Wan Kenobi

Re the Nolan Ryan gravitas post, Bro64 muses:

Jon Daniels = Luke Skywalker
Luke was the anointed one, with powers of the force so strong they could not be denied. Everybody knew he was the future leader of the Jedi Council. However, he was forced into action too soon, before he was fully matured and developed in his skills, because there was a crisis in the galaxy and he was the only option with the skill set and power to defeat the Empire.

Nolan Ryan = Obi Wan
Obi Wan had settled into a quiet background role for several years, waiting for the time to be right before he got back in the game. His most valuable contribution to the battle was his leadership and experience.

Re: Nolan's credibility with media
Remember early in Star Wars, when Obi Wan and Luke are riding the hovercraft into the city with C-3pio and R2D2 in the back seat, and the Imperial Troopers are conducting a search for C-3pio and R2D2? When they arrive at a checkpoint, Obi Wan is sitting in the passenger seat in his hooded robe:

Obi Wan: (waving his hand in the air) "These are not the droids you are looking for"
Imperial Trooper: (turning to his colleagues) "These are not the droids we are looking for"

Now imagine Nolan in the hallways of the RBiA after a game, wearing a hooded robe, conducting an impromptu conversation with the media:

Reporter: "What about Milton Bradley going into the press box after the KC announcer?"
Obi Nolan: (waving his hand in the air) "That was no big deal"
Reporter: (turning to his colleagues) "That was no big deal"

Other reporters nod and take notes.

Obi Nolan fights some alien in a bar

Reporter: "It looks like CJ Wilson is struggling in the closer role"
Obi Nolan: (waving his hand in the air) "I thaink Cee Jaiy should staiy as our clowser"
Reporter: "CJ should really stay as the closer"

Other reporters nod and take notes.

File Photo: C3RonWashington, Luke, and Obi Nolan
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gcotharn said...

Hilarity, 64. I can't get past the Texas drawl. I'm imagining Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars with a Texas drawl:
"Luke, you ain't ready."

In Episode II, when Luke drives crazy fast:
"I hait it wheyen you do thayat."

gcotharn said...

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