Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New plan when commenting on Obama

New plan: comment only on the ONE THING which most offended me.

Tuesday night, it was this:
"[W]e spend billions of dollars a month on a war that isn't making the American people any safer."
In other words:
You troops who are sweating and bleeding and dying: you are not making us any safer. You parents who have lost sons or daughters: your sons' or daughters' sacrifices have not made us any safer. You wives who have lost husbands: your husbands' sacrifices have not made us any safer. You children who have lost fathers: your fathers' sacrifices have not made us any safer. You veterans who are wounded: your sacrifices of your healthy bodies have not made us safer. America hasn't been hit since 9/11, but our military has had nothing to do with that.
What an insulting jerk.

There's a way to make an anti-war case without slapping our military and our military families in the face. Both Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman once spoke out forcefully in opposition to our Iraq strategy. They did so in a way which respected our military, and which did not provide succor for our enemies.

As to Barack and his speechwriter: I don't know if it occurred to them - even for a moment - what an insulting slap their words were.

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