Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can Barack be concisely explained?

I don't know the answer.

Maybe an exercise in concise speech will help. Therefore, in 15 words or less, my point is:

Barack is a by-the-book, rote leftist who is evasive about who he is and what he stands for.
That's 20 words. Drat.


There are conversational pitfalls when speaking of Barack.

If you begin to understand the genesis of "Barack! The Musical!"; if you begin to understand the ways in which Barack is unfit for the task of leading our nation: you subsequently notice Barack-gaffes which illuminate his unsuitability for office. You want to shout:

Beans and rice! Barack said this, and this, and THIS - which is proof, and proof, and PROOF of what a terrible POTUS he would be! Sopapillas!
The problem is that Barack is very evasive, and it's likely your listener only knows that Barack looks and sounds measured and reasonable. Therefore, your gleeful shouts about illumination sound shrill, and your explanations sound lengthy, for Barack is a cypher. He is the wind itself. Your listener cannot easily grasp the width and breadth of Barack's lifelong masking of his true self and true opinions. Barack has gone through life - he said so himself in "Dreams of My Father" - allowing all persons and sides to infer about him that which they most desire to infer; never allowing any to know who he truly is, nor what he truly thinks.

Those who love Barack know neither who he is nor how he will govern. They love him b/c they infer about him that which they most desire to infer. He is a blank slate, and they project their fondest desires upon him. Susan Sarandon perfectly encapsulated it:

"I'm supporting Barack Obama. I can't wait to find out what he stands for."
She will never find out. Barack is the wind: he cannot be grasped. It is intentional.

Can Barack be explained in normal conversation?

Not easily. One is forced to explain research findings, as Barack is not going to help by making himself openly understandable. Barack is actively working against anyone understanding him. In interviews, even some Barack's own staff - on foreign policy questions, for instance - have admitted they are sometimes only guessing at what he will do.

Such is the essence of Barack. A Barack staffer mainly knows: Well, Barack is a Dem, and the Repubs must be defeated, and, um, Barack speaks well and inspires people, and, um, Barack will probably do "x", because "x" is my concept of the reasonable thing to do, and, you know, I can't admit I don't actually know what Barack will do, because then what is my function?

Can Barack be concisely explained? How about:
Barack values clever over character.
5 words! Sopapilla!

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